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of Maryland


Candidate for the Democratic Nomination for the U. S. Congress
in the June 2018 Maryland Primary Election
(Sixth Maryland Congressional District)

George T.
                    EnglishI am an Army veteran and a retired Economist with a career extending over 30 years, mostly with the Federal government but also with the airport development industry. I believe that serious changes must be made to the way politics are conducted and issues are debated and resolved. The current severe economic crisis is the consequence of decades of criminally destructive mismanagement of the public's interest by the Congress which has resulted in the huge economic inequalities that are destroying the middle class and the taxation base needed to finance government programs. The distribution of personal income has declined to the disastrous level of 1928, which was partially ameliorated with the restoration of middle class incomes and savings from the doubling of the economy during World War II. The most troubling symptoms of current social unrest from the present economic crisis are the pernicious assault upon our individual constitutional Bill of Rights protections and the inexcusable failure of the Federal government to help all of the innocent victims of the crisis, especially the homeless. The 25 issue papers listed below discuss my thoughts about the problems facing our society and present suggested solutions for those concerns. I have no campaign sponsors or contributors and, if elected, will use my best judgment of what is their effects upon the public interest when voting on issues.  I will not be subservient to any partisan ideology and have no intention of  becoming a career politician.  I would greatly appreciate having the opportunity to be your truly independent Democrat voice in Congress.

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click on any of the issues listed below to display the text.  Thank you for considering my proposals.  I would greatly appreciate your support in the primary election on June 26, 2018.


Military Restructuring

Federal Role in Education

Saving Social Security

Budget, Deficit and Taxation

Financial Sector Reforms

Congressional Term Limits

Trade Deficit

Energy and Environment

Public Funding of Elections

Pension Security

Immigration Reform

Civil Service Reform

Border Security

Middle East Policy

Prison Reform

Public Land Use

Preventing Child Abuse

Transportation Policy

National Healthcare

Foreign Policy

Hunting, Fishing, and Camping

Metro Traffic Congestion

Constitutional Liberties

Deregulation Reform

Foreclosures, Evictions

and Homelessness 

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