English for Congress Position Paper  (January 2020)

Rampart Range Road and Gold Camp Road Visitor Access and Facilities Enhancements


Both of these roads could become major tourist and local visitor attractions if their roads were paved and new facilities were included to provide basic visitor amenities and services.  A two phase program would be needed to upgrade the main through road and its access roads followed by the addition of visitor facilities like campgrounds, picnic areas, roadside parking areas, restaurants, visitor centers, lodges, and vehicle fueling stations.

The Rampart Range Road should have the existing access road from Monument paved to the main North to South ridge road which also would be paved from the State Highway 67 Entrance to the Balanced Rock exit in the Garden of the Gods.  A visitor center should be constructed near the road junction to the Devil’s Head mountain with a second visitor center located between the access road junctions coming up from Monument and Woodland Park. Several scenic roadside overlooks above Cascade, Ute Pass, the Air Force Academy, and the Black Forest with ample parking areas also should be included with the roadway improvement. Additional facilities and improvements at the Rampart Reservoir recreation area also could be made to accommodate the increased visitor use resulting from the improved paved main ridgeline through road passage improvement.

The closed lower section of the Gold Camp Road should be reopened by paving the road’s entire length from Colorado City to Victor, with repair of the tunnel above the Helen Hunt Falls and the road access from US Highway 24 and the North Cheyenne Canyon city park.  The old stage road access from the rear of the Broadmoor Hotel also should be paved to its junction with the Gold Camp Road.  Major visitor centers could be added during the second phase near the Saint Peter’s dome formation and at the entrance to the Cathedral Park spires which are located loser to the Victor road exit.  A road connection to the summit of Pikes Peak also should be made to the Gold Camp road from the vicinity of Cathedral Park.  An above timberline road spur from the road to Pikes Peak also could be made heading Northwest toward the Crags hiking trail descending toward the Mueller State Park on State Highway 67.

The decision about whether the improvements to these scenic areas and their facilities should become part of the National Park System or remain under the jurisdiction of the U. S. Forest Service and the city of Colorado Springs would need to be made before the proposed road connection is made to the summit of Pikes Peak by the government agencies involved.  The addition of a second highway to the summit with connection to the Gold Camp Road and Highway 67 should create much greater appeal to future visitors to the region and result in substantial increases in vendor and government revenues.

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