English for Congress Position Paper  (January 2020)

Housing Program for Young Couples


With today’s difficult housing situation now being encountered by young couples, a new combined Federal, state, and local government housing program based upon group cooperatives would enable them to acquire homes while they are still able to start a family during their twenties.  Just as the fact that private sector years ago was unable to provide universal free education for children provided the impetus for publicly funded grade and later high schools, government intervention at all levels must be coordinated to enable young couples to become established in their own homes.

Cities and towns should identify and acquire land suitable for small individual and/or multi-family
home construction with the land titles being held permanently by the city. No rent would be charged for
the occupation and use of the plots of land for individual home and/or linked townhouse sites.  These homes would be located in gated communities restricted for occupancy by young families only.   Fully code compliant high quality manufactured homes would be positioned atop full basements on these sites and would be titled in the names of their owners. Subsequent sales to qualified new owners must be approved by a majority of existing owners living in their neighborhoods.  Occupancy would be required for owners of these homes, although short term temporary non-renewable or chain rentals for qualified families not to exceed twelve months for these homes could be permitted with the approval of the other neighborhood owners

Funding for the mortgages needed to purchase and install the manufactured homes would be provided from the Social Security Trust Fund accounts of the buyers and their immediate family members such as parents, siblings, and other blood related relatives. The incomes of the young families would pay the monthly debt service for those low interest 25 year maximum term mortgages while also serving as tangible collateral for the social security benefit reserve fund.  Two years after the graduation of their youngest child from a completing a four year college level equivalent educational program and before reaching age 25, the original owners of these homes must sell or transfer them to one of their children with at least one child or sell them to a qualified young family with at least one child.  The parents of the original or the new owners could occupy and live in the house before and/or after the transfer or the title to the younger new owners. But at least one child must also live in the housel

The purpose of this mixed government/private ownership program is to provide low cost home ownership for raising their children while couples are still under the age of thirty. It would also provide a sound and safe means of accumulating wealth for their retirement years simultaneously while raising a family.  Finally, it would prevent future Congresses from diverting the cash in the Social Security Trust fund and using it for purposes other than benefiting the younger generation with home ownership while simultaneously safeguarding the retirement savings for their parents and themselves.

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